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york, has announced that officials in new york have canceled the new york city marathon. a lot of controversy there. >> you wondered how they were going to do that considering all the devastation and -- there was a bit of a what were they thinking. so the good news is they have rethought it and they are canceling it now. >> great move. >> and we have a weekend to recover a bit, and then what on earth is coming at us? >> and that's really the question. we've got another coastal storm that's going to make its way our way. this will not be a hurricane. this will most likely not even be a very strong storm for our region normally. but we're not talking about normal times here after we've just had super storm sandy. let's have a look and show you what we're doing out there right now. you can see the cloud cover continuing across the region. we've seen nothing but cloud cover just about all day long. we started with some sunshine, but in this type of a pattern sunshine actually helps to bring the clouds back in. i'll talk about that too in just a minute. 51 degrees the current temper
. >>> the other long lines we're seeing are the ones for gas. >> and just outside new york city, in manacay, new jersey, jim rosenfield is there for how long people are waiting to fuel up. >> reporter: it's a lonely job these days for manager muhammad edris in his station. open for business, but with no juice, it's no go at the pumps. >> we have no gas, nothing, you know. nothing inside the store business. completely shut down since monday at 6:00 p.m. >> reporter: just down the road on route 46 -- >> this is for my generator. just enough to keep my refrigerator going, and a couple of appliances here and there that i might need. >> reporter: plenty of company at this hess station. this line in fort lee, about 45-minute wait. and that's not bad, if you look around elsewhere, the lines are a lot longer. this station here is pumping gas, because it has a generator. how long you been waiting? >> this is my second trip. i was here earlier this morning to fill up my pickup truck and get gas for the generator. and i'm here right now, probably about 20, 25 minutes. >> reporter: you're on e, pal. >> yeah
the snow is, up between philadelphia, new york city. they're seeing heavy bands of snow through portions of jersey, including along the coast. areas that are hard hit by sandy are seeing snow. that is not good news for them. a live shot towards trenton, new jersey. this is a little bit earlier this afternoon. as the snow was falling, the snow continues to fall there right now. we'll continue to see that snow piling up in that region. they could see two to four, maybe five inches of snow before it's all said and done for them. unfortunately that could mean more power outages. for us, 45 degrees, winds out of the north at 16 miles per hour. cloudy skies with rain moving in. temperatures are on the cold side. look at these windchills, sitting at 35 in gaithersburg, 38 at the airport and 37 in manassas. once again, this will not be a big event for us. i'll come back and tell you what the big event will be, though, in just a minute. >>> a live look at reagan national airport where a number of flights heading north have been canceled already. united airlines suspended most of its service this
smith called this an issue that goes beyond partisan politics. >>> psy joined madonna in new york city this week, and of course, they danced the gangnam style. performing with madonna in new york he said was at the top of his list. during the concert, madonna collected money for people affected by the superstorm. >>> actor channing tatum said he didn't believe the news he got today. "people" magazine announced he's 2012's sexiest man alive. he's 32 years old and follows last year's winner, bradley cooper. tatum starred in magic mike this summer. he's been married for three years now. and his wife says she couldn't agree more with "people's" choice. >> how about you, wendy? >> he's fabulous. >> there you go. >>> coming up next, target responds to the employee who started a petition to keep black friday shopping on, black friday. >>> plus, coming up tonight on news4 at 6:00, more than 1,000 jobs are coming to the region, as maryland lot hits the >>> a petition by a target employee to save thanksgiving is gaining a lot of traction. >> this all started with an employee who felt that changi
in queens. 50,000 people lost power in this storm, raising the total number of outages in new york city to about 200,000. utility companies hope to have power restored by saturday. the area's three major airports are slowly getting back to normal after canceling hundreds of flights. >> here in our area the wind has picked up. we escaped that snow as doug predicted. what is in store for tonight and tomorrow. doug joins us now to let us know. >> for the first time in a while, we've hit the mid-50s. at least for high temperatures. but the wind is definitely kicking up as you mentioned. current temperature 52. the dew point right now, 12. the humidity is way down there, very dry atmosphere. look at those winds gusting to 30 miles an hour across the area right now. no rain across our region, but we're going to see clear skies tonight. the storm left our area early this morning after reporting a little bit of light rain and snow at the airport last night. no accumulation as we were talking about. it does look like now we're just going to be dealing with clear skies and sunshine. wait until yo
. >> reporter: many here will remember it the night hell came to their town. a fury of fire and floods. new york city fire department assistant chief bob mains walked us through of what is left on just this street. 130. >> this is a firefighter's home. >> reporter: dozens of homes were destroyed, but just as many heroes. among them the impossibly hummable ron of engine 265. he dove under the rising water to find a hydrant and attach a hose. feel as if maybe you did extraordinary? >> nothing more than the other members of my company would do. >> reporter: across town, tommy fee from squad 270 in queens was working with swift water team 6 when they got a call, people trapped. >> so water was this high coming up to the top of the windshield. >> reporter: when they got there, it wasn't just flooding, but fire. a river of water between them. he had to swim and then climb a building to get to those trapped. >> one woman was pregnant and there was a minimum of six children. >> is there a possibility of getting -- >> reporter: amid 70-mile-per-hour winds whipping flames and rising water, he brought surv
. redevelop and intensify. just to our north. that puts philadelphia, new york city, those areas, boston, into the cross hairs as far as the big storm goes. for washington, i think this is going to go right on by us. here's what our computer model says. we do have some sunshine. that's what we saw out there. chilly conditions. watch as the storm moves up. the wind will be here. i think we'll see 20, 30, 40-mile-an-hour winds. potential, 50-mile-an-hour winds along the coast. the beaches will have problems again with minor to moderate flooding. especially at times of high tide. notice where the precipitation is. well off toward the east. i do think it will be a little bit closer. i think we'll see a mixture of snow. especially tomorrow evening, from washington, d.c. to the north and east but that's about it. if you're south and west washington, you may not see anything at all from this storm other than the fact that we'll see the clouds and the wind on. thursday this storm system moves out. here come the sunshine and that starts a fantastic afternoon. here's what to expect tomorrow. into
on the victims of superstorm sandy up in new york city. he got his first up-close look at the damage there and promised to work with local governments to come up with a game plan for recovery. some residents said they wished the president had come sooner to bring attention to their struggles. nearly 3,000 people are still without power in the city tonight, prompting a state investigation and a lawsuit against utility companies. >>> cloudy skies outside today. and a little chilly. but it looks kind of calm out there, doug, what do you think? >> it's not a bad afternoon if this was mid-december. this is exactly what we would be expecting. but this is mid-november and we're well below average. temperatures once again today close to ten degrees below average for a high. right now, sitting at 48 degrees. winds out of the northeast at 9 miles per hour. look at numbers, winchester already at 39 degrees. 46 in manassas. the warm spot is 50, and that right now is down toward fredericksburg. the reason we stayed cool today was the cloud cover. we had the clouds continuing to stream in from a s
of superstorm sandy. a volunteer fire department is donating this 2002 ambulance to island park, new york. flooding destroyed the fire trucks and ambulances this crews there relied on to provide emergency services. firefighters from falls church will leave monday morning to drive that vehicle up to its new home. good for them. >>> a new jersey woman and her son found dozens of love letters in the sand from decades ago. >> nbc's mara explains how they tracked down the owner. >> reporter: in atlantic heights, new jersey, amidst the destruction from hurricane sandy, a message in a bundle. washed up during the storm, a neat pile of letters tied with a pink bow. the day after sandy struck, kathleen cheney was surveying damage near the beach when her 14-year-old son, patrick, spotted the stack. you knew what they were? >> i watched enough romantic movies, yeah. i just knew. >> reporter: the letters seemed to be in bad shape. >> they were pretty wet and really sandy. i had to kind of dust them off. >> reporter: but after drying by the fireplace, cheney was finally able to read them. 56 handwritt
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9